competency management software

Competency Management Software Defined

Competency management software is an efficient solution used to assess the competency of the employees in an organization. Managing employee competency is growing out to be one of the greatest challenges with every business sector integrated with solutions like automation and artificial intelligence. These solutions have created high bars for efficiency and potential, threatening employee needs and performance. Hence, it has created a necessity for the employees to be competent and improve their potential to meet the high-efficiency level of technology. 

Today, Businesses have competency development and management programs that aim to improve employees’ skills and talents and train and evaluate them. This competency management process helps organizations identify skill gaps, train, and decide whether to retain them or not.

Core Features in a Competency Management Software

Competency management is an ideal and necessary way to enhance the abilities of your workforce based on results obtained from the evaluation. A competency management system software has the following features that strengthen the process to efficiency. 

  • Identify Growth Areas

CMS software helps team leaders to identify areas of growth and improvement. This is one ideal way to remove inefficient factors from business processes. This improves the process, offering better results and user experience. Competency management software like Skillrobo can aid in assessing the current competency levels of employees, using strengths and weaknesses that can be identified. Following this, necessary training can be provided. 

  • Set Target Levels and Expectations

With CMS software, competency levels can be improved by setting new targets and expectations. This is a continuous improvement process for employees to match the higher levels of performance. 

  • Facilitates Career Pathing

With the identification of employee strengths and weaknesses, the right roles or career paths can be decided for them. Hence, it facilitates career pathing for employees. 

  • Identify Job Skills Gaps

Identifying the job skills gaps is the ultimate goal of the competency management software. Doing so helps the teams in the organization to make the necessary improvement plans. 

  • Facilities Engagements on assigned Competencies

With a competency management system, employees are encouraged to overcome their skills gaps. Software for competency management systems ensures the whole process is conducted successfully.

How does CMS work?

As one of the most important processes in any organization, competency management helps bring out the full potential of the workforce. How can a CMS software help your organization?

A competency management software can – 

  • Using competency management software, managers can assign courses for learning and development, helping them overcome their respective shortcomings. Employees are trained, supported, and offered experiences in enhancing their strengths. 
  • With competency management software, the managers as well as the employees can choose competencies to assess separately. This is followed by viewing the gap report that will display the differences in their assessments. This way, gaps in the skills can be identified.
  • Competency management software enables users to foresee and plan succession based on strengths and weaknesses. This ensures the organization notices employees with good competency and how to effectively manage everyone during such a transition. 

How does Competency Management Affect Your Business? 

Competency management has a positive impact on business performance. It is a reliable investment that will guide your workforce to take up higher levels of responsibility and management successfully. Innovating competency management tools elevate the scope of employee performance improvement to the next level. The users can not only assess the skill sets of the employees but also focus on how to improve them within the organization’s scope of employment.

Benefits of Competency Management

Organizations acquire several benefits from mapping and managing the competency of their employees. Some of these benefits include – 

  • Clear and consistent expectations
  • Performance improvement of your workforce
  • Better talent management
  • Objective evaluation
  • Conduct compliance and risk management 

10 Best Competency Management Software in 2024

1. Skillrobo

Skillrobo is an AI-powered talent management platform specializing in candidate and employee assessments. The tool is a hiring expert that users can use to create and assess candidates effortlessly. The skills and knowledge expertise of the candidates/employees can be evaluated using pre-built and customized test templates. 

Skillrobo provides a space where users can create their assessment tests, for which questions can be generated using ARIV, an AI-assisted solution. The process of hiring or employee competency assessment is made simpler and more efficient end-to-end. 

Key features include –

  • Fully customizable tests
  • Tests for a wide range of skills
  • Engaging and interactive
  • Enterprise integration
  • Analytics and results

Skillrobo makes it simple for evaluators or hiring managers to do with simple steps, making the process standardized and systematic for all the participating entities. Once a test is created, the candidates/employees can be invited by sharing the test link through email. The candidates must take tests within the stipulated time and submit them. Once they complete results are generated in instant reports. Skillrobo is the best competency management software for organizations. 

Pricing – 

  • Professional – $69 per month (billed annually)

2. TalentGuard

TalentGuard is one of the easy-to-use, cloud-based talent management tools. This talent management software offers powerful features specifically designed to meet the requirements of conducting employee assessments. This tool emphasizes the easy management of employees and facilitates growth.

Key features include – 

  • The tool offers a performance management solution to track employee performance
  • The platform is equipped with career development features
  • Users can do succession planning 
  • The tool ensures the learning management for employees

Pricing –

  • $3 per month/user

3. Lexonis

Lexonis is a popular cloud-native talent management software that is designed to navigate the competency assessment process. The assessment process allows the employees to identify their capabilities and then tune them to fit the working nature of the organization.  

Key features include – 

  • The platform supports 360-degree feedback and goal-oriented features
  • The users can author courses, and manage content, and the tool facilitates reporting features
  • Job descriptions can be easily created to attract the right talent
  • The tool also provides an extensive analytics module

Pricing – 

  • Available on request

4. SkillsDB

The talent management software, SkillsDB, is a comprehensive suite that provides robust features to support employee competency management. Using this software, organizations can enhance talent management and effectively train them. On SkillsDB, employees can be easily assessed and trained to improve their strong areas. 

Key features include- 

  • The platform offers a succession planning module
  • The tool can be used for effective job description management
  • The platform can accessed on mobile using the application
  • The software offers robust analytics and reporting tools

Pricing – 

  • Free
  • Starting at $75

5. EdApp

EdApp is a mobile-exclusive learning management system equipped with tools designed for navigating employee assessment and training. The powerful features and tools enable companies to create a learning environment where employees can be trained efficiently.

Key features include –

  • EdApp is an excellent microlearning platform
  • The platform is equipped with gamification features, making the learning experience easy and engaging
  • The tool offers  space for social interaction and learning
  • The learning and training content can be customized and personalized based on their skills and abilities
  • The platform gives access to training content even in offline mode

Pricing – 

  • Growth – $1.95
  • Plus – $2.95
  • Mid-size – Starting at 

6. Centranum

Centranum is one of the most sought-after talent management software that is cloud-based. Companies can leverage this tool to effectively manage and elevate the talent and competency management system.

Key features include – 

  • The platform supports a multi-level leadership competency framework 
  • The assessment initiators can evaluate the process in real-time
  • The platform offers customization features to make the training personalized
  • Users can set real-time reminders, maintaining the flow of the sessions
  • The platform is equipped to identify the future competency of the employees

Pricing – 

  • Available on request

7. Mintra

Mintra is a workflow management software platform that is empowered with features as a competency-based performance management system. The tool comes with features specifically designed to meet the standards and offer seamless employee assessment and training. 

Key features include –

  • The platform offers an effective onboarding process
  • Users can use this platform to carry out training management
  • The tool offers a robust health and safety module

Pricing – 

  • Available on request

8. Cornerstone

Cornerstone is a software platform that is popularly known for solutions such as various human resources, talent assessments and training, and learning management solutions. The platform is best known for connecting employees with business goals and outcomes.

Key features include –

  • The platform offers customizable competency models
  • The tool can be best used for identifying gaps in skills and competencies
  • The learning curve for the employees can be personalized 
  • The platform supports integration with external systems and applications

Pricing – 

  • Available on request

9. Kahuna

Kahuna can be used to make the workforce in an organization more skilled. The tool gives a fresh perspective on the capabilities of the workforce. Through this, their skills can be aligned together based on the demand and also maximize the return on investment.

Key features include –

  • The platform provides various skills assessment tools based on the skills
  • The tool offers an employee dashboard where they can track their progress
  • The feature of capability planning allows employees to plan how to improve their skills

10. Polaris

Polaris is a popular learning management software that provides solutions for the training and development of employees. These solutions include a diverse range of media and activities, aiding the learning process.

Key features include –

  • The platform offers the best built-in client reporting system
  • The users can check learner progress using reports 
  • Polaris Consultants provide personalized feedback and support to the users
  • The tool accommodates a wide range of learning styles
  • The tool also accommodates all experience and knowledge levels
  • The platform provides learner progress reports for improving

Pricing – 

  • Available on request


However difficult employee management and performance evaluation are, it is an unavoidable and essential part of running a business. With developing technologies, it is important to optimize such essential processes. Competency Management software can do this for you. Competency management tools are ideal solutions to evaluate employee performance and skill sets. 

Skillrobo is an exclusive competency management software that can be curated to the needs of the hour. As a hiring platform as well, candidates can be hired based on their capabilities, making them apt for the role. Experience a seamless performance evaluation with Skillrobo by signing up today!


1. What is competency management software?

Competency management software is a solution used by organizations to evaluate the skills and abilities of their employees. Competency management software is a more effective way of carrying out the process, compared to a manual one. It is more efficient, time-cost-effective, and accurate. 

2. What are the common features of competency management software?

Some of the common features include –

  • Competency assessment 
  • Competency framework
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Succession planning
  • Employee development plan
  • Performance evaluation
  • Reporting and analytics

3. What are the benefits of using a competency-based performance management system?

Some of the important benefits include – 

  • Improved employee performance
  • Narrowed and targeted training and development
  • Objectivity and unbiased
  • Alignment with the business goals 
  • Enhanced talent management