With increasing novelty and innovation in the software development community, the world expects more from developers. Skilled and competent software developers are in high demand, especially in today’s competitive business world. Hiring skilled and capable software developers is a constant challenge across organizations irrespective of their size and nature.

Software developers undergo a transition from being a novice to an expert at least twice in their careers. The first time is when they complete their university degree, and the second is when they land their first software-industrial job. Before you recruit one, you need to comprehend what a software developer does. A software developer is responsible for designing and developing computer software and applications. The terms software developer and software engineer are generally used interchangeably in most industries. They are responsible for developing the software and loading it into a computer that runs as software-as-a-service (SaaS) through a web browser.

A trending discussion in the software development field is related to the skills that developers need to have to build successful software products. This ongoing debate is of paramount importance as it stemmed from many failures and delays in software projects in many companies. The need for hiring software developers who can churn out competent software products is what drives organizations to hunt for the perfect fit for software developer roles within their company. To hire the best, you need to conduct software development assessment tests that reveal the one you are looking for.

Traits of a Software Developer

These are some of the key traits that you should look for in a software developer.

Candidates who have Sound knowledge of Big Data

A good software developer will be a master in dealing with big data. Companies have volumes of data that need to be processed, analyzed and managed. Having good knowledge of big data can help you work efficiently on projects involving machine learning, artificial learning, and IoT.

Cloud Computing Experts

Essentially, the cloud is one area where software developers need to have sound knowledge, especially in cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, etc. Regardless of the company’s size, they are transforming to use cloud computing for cost-saving, better productivity, and scalability. Being knowledgeable in cloud computing platforms keeps you ahead of the competition.

Candidates with these Technical Skills
  • Programming languages such as C, C++, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, TypeScript, and other prospective languages are used for different purposes such as website creation, etc.
  • Operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and understanding any other operating systems is also an added advantage. For instance, knowledge of working with iOS and Android for mobile-based applications.
  • Good knowledge of databases, especially SQL, which is the standard database management used, is an added advantage as they can effectively administer functions such as creating, storing, updating, and modifying records.
  • Proficient in testing and source control as these skills show how efficient they are in coding. Being skillful in using GitHub can give you an edge over other candidates. In addition to this, software developers need to be competent in testing as they need to discover bugs, errors, and other vulnerabilities while testing the created software. They need to be efficient in finding and fixing the errors that determine the product’s success. For this, they need to be knowledgeable in using different testing platforms.
  • As a software developer, it is essential to have at least basic networking skills, as 80% of the projects involve working with different networking components. Moreover, software developers should know about encryption and cryptography to ensure that data is protected. Knowledge of encryption and cryptographic tools increases the chances of getting hired from the pool.
  • In addition to all these, it is good to be skillful in working with cross-platform software development processes, software development life cycles, and Integrated development environments (IDE) to compile, run and debug codes in specific IDEs for each programming language.
Candidates for these Soft Skills

Technical skills are not just enough, and a software developer should have these soft skills. A balance of both is what makes an ideal candidate. Some of the soft skills include excellent communication, teamwork, multitasking, attention to detail, critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership skills, and empathy.

Best Practices for Hiring Software Developers

Candidates who can handle real-life Technical Problems

Developers love to be challenged. Instead of giving them a code from the internet, challenge them with an ongoing issue your company is working on. The way they encounter real-life software problems gives you enough details if they fit your company’s particular role. Talent attracts talent and especially if you are a startup, you would want to have software developers who are aces for the long run of your company.

Always Get a Second Opinion Before Finalizing

Even in this technological hiring process, there is some degree of inevitable bias involved. At the end of the day, the candidates that you are onboarding need to travel with you for a long period of time. It is critical that you get a second opinion instead of settling for a candidate immediately. Getting a second opinion about specific candidates can help you determine if he/she is really a good fit for the future of the company and if they are capable of handling big projects. Also, be enthusiastic about the candidate’s interests and favorite activities. You want a software developer who actually enjoys doing their job and they should never feel like a burden. Indeed, their job pays their bills but it is important that the candidates are really passionate about their dreams and goals.

More experience means more productivity is the common rule that recruiters follow. But sometimes, even a fresher can have impressive skills that you are looking for and may surprise you that he/she performs better than the experienced candidate. So, as a recruiter when you encounter such situations, go for a second opinion and hire that candidate if they will be ideal for your company’s requirements. Don’t get too hung up on the fact that they don’t have experience and miss a valuable opportunity.

Don’t get attached to their Resumes Alone

Just because a candidate’s resume looks excellent doesn’t mean they are the right fit. . Often recruiters come across candidates with great resumes performing poorly during their assessment. As a recruiter, you need to ensure that they produce well-written codes in the end. Here is where a software development skills assessment test proves to be useful.

Common mistakes while hiring a developer

As a recruiter, it is common to make some mistakes while hiring a developer.

Some of the common mistakes include:

  • One common mistake that recruiters make is to hire candidates who lack experience in working in a cross-functional setting. This skill is essential for a developer as it involves decision-making. During the development of the product, software developers need to communicate effectively with other teams, attend and schedule several meetings, and face clients.
  • A developer who is inclined towards working independently will find it hard when assigned to projects involving cross-development functions. These unfamiliar situations will delay their decision-making process which sometimes demotivates others in a team. Also, when the company uses iterative incremental development (IID), the iterations might last for a week and the product goal achievement process might be dynamic. If your new recruit cannot cope with such a dynamic pace, then it might slow down other developers working on the project.
  • Work ethics are another important criterion that several recruiters overlook in a candidate. The ability to write a code is not just enough but it is essential to identify the candidates’ work habits and approaches to writing a code. The code quality directly influences their work nature while put in a live project. It is important that the candidate understand the difference between production-ready and feature-complete versions of a product. Also, they need to understand the overall ownership, codebase, and testing workflow.
  • Hire for quality and not quality as sometimes you will end up hiring a ‘code monkey.’ A code monkey is someone who simply follows instructions and doesn’t try anything new or try to solve the actual problem. It is common that some developers look great on resumes but hiring someone who will not indulge in testing new waters might have a huge impact on your team’s growth.
  • Sometimes, recruiters settle for local developers and decide too quickly for the sake of convenience. There is nothing wrong with finding your ideal candidate from the pool of local developers but don’t limit yourself to it. Trying developers from different backgrounds who have good experience working in different niches can bring you a strong team of developers. They collaborate well with the team and they can apply their diversified skills and expertise to your projects and become an invaluable asset.
  • Another common mistake that recruiters commit is not being upfront about the company’s culture and policies. Every candidate, especially freshers, has certain expectations about the company. So be clear on what you can offer them and what your company expects from them in return. If there are specific details about your company’s culture be sure to share them with the candidates. This will help reduce employee turnover in your company and help candidates to have a long-term mission with your company.

Get Help With Skillrobo To Find the Best Software Developer

As you can see, hiring a software developer is quite a complex task that involves assessing multiple skills. SkillRobo is here to make the overall hiring process much more straightforward. SkillRobo is a pre-employment assessment tool exclusively designed to find your ideal developer candidates. Using this tool, you can efficiently conduct an online software development assessment from any location across the globe.

SkillRobo has loads of features for successfully conducting developer assessment tests. SkillRobo offers recruiters a complete package with a myriad of benefits:

  • Easy identification of potential candidates using detailed assessment reports that provide deeper insights into each candidate’s performance.
  • Accelerate the screening process where you can quickly screen from the pool of candidates applying for the role.
  • You can get unbiased results since each assessment correlates to the job performance of an individual candidate, and the results cannot be altered.
  • Candidate experience can be enhanced as the hiring process is conducted in a virtual environment.

Using SkillRobo’s plans, you can efficiently conduct the hire-skilled software developer assessment. SkillRobo has further simplified the process by making available customized tests for each type of developer such as Java developer, C# developer, SQL developer, .Net developer, UI/UX developer, PHP developer, AWS consultant, Full stack developer, Python developer, machine learning engineer, and android developer.

For instance, you need to hire a full-stack developer for your developing team. Using SkillRobo, you can instantly create a test using the predefined test for full-stack developers, which can be imported.


Now you can edit the instructions and description of the test as per your need and save the test. You can access the test that you import in the My Tests section.


Now you can view the skills predefined in the test, or you can add any number of skills you want by clicking on the skills added.


The skills predefined for hiring a full stack developer include general aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, javascript, Angular JS, CSS, jQuery, React JS, Python, and SQL Server. You can proceed with these skills as it tests the overall technical as well as cognitive skills of a developer. But if you want to add more skills, you can click the add more skills option and choose skills from the skills library.

Now that you have created an assessment for a full-stack developer, you can send invites to the candidates through email. The candidate then clicks on the link and attends the test on the specified date and time. Once the candidate completes the test, you can easily view the detailed test results on your dashboard, which you can further use to analyze how competent the developers are.

SkillRobo offers you four plans where you can send the required number of invites to the candidates accordingly. To know more about conducting skills assessments for software developers,

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