recruitment trends 2023

Scouting for the best talent in the respective field and hiring them has become a big jackpot game of its own. Companies are vying to establish their brand image and promote their positive work culture and salary package among other attractive offers to retain talent. The recruitment process has undergone rapid transformation over the past decade.

Conventional hiring methods are taking a back seat to make way for technology-driven recruitment methods like pre-employment assessment tools, remote assessments, video-based interviews, etc. Companies are fast adopting recruiting assessment tools to overcome hiring challenges and make the hiring process more effective. Read on to know the recruitment trends for 2023.

Challenges in Conventional Recruitment Methods

Following conventional hiring methods is time-consuming and costly. Here are some of the challenges in conventional hiring methods:

1. Limited Scope:

Conventional hiring methods depend on newspaper ads and advertisements on job portals. The scope of these advertisements is limited in reaching a large candidate pool.

2. Scheduling Interviews:

Getting appointments from senior team members, team leaders, and managers for scheduling interviews is a cumbersome process. The hiring process may get delayed when assignments are not received or scheduled interviews get postponed.

3. Mass Recruitment:

Adopting manual hiring methods for recruitment at scale is tedious and ineffective.

4. Subjective Evaluation:

Written tests and interviews focus more on technical skill evaluation rather than the soft skills required to fit into the work environment.

Benefits of Using Online Assessment Tools for Hiring

Pre-employment assessment tools are a great way to bring speed and efficiency into the hiring process. These tools are not just about improving the hiring process, they improve the overall candidate experience and interaction with the brand.

“Kelly Services survey suggests that at least 98% of the candidates and employees who had a positive recruitment experience with a company would willingly suggest known friends and peer group join their firm”

Such an approach increases the chances of finding the right talent because other statistics confirmed that more than 48% of global brands find a huge shortage in the talent tree.

By using online assessment tools for recruitment, the hiring team can overcome the challenges posed by manual recruitment methods. These assessments can be administered from anywhere and candidates can take up the test from their place of convenience. Pre-employment assessment tools are particularly useful in mass hiring drives where 1000s of profiles need to be screened in a short duration of time. Online assessment tools integrate multiple sources of recruitment seamlessly to enable informed decision-making in hiring.

Recruitment Trends for 2023 Changing the Face of Hiring

In order to keep up with dramatic shifts in the talent landscape, recruiters are forced to be more innovative and agile in their approach to talent acquisition. The demand for talent is greater than the supply, and talent shortages have shot up to a 10-year high. A Korn Ferry report projects a $8.5 trillion talent shortage by the year 2030.

Against this shortage, talent teams are looking at creative and innovative ways to enrich candidate experience, employer branding, and alternative sourcing channels.

The top 5 recruitment trends projected for 2023 are, 

1. Mass recruitment becomes mainstream:

High-volume recruitment requires filling a large number of positions within a short period of time. Over the past year, there is a sharp increase in high-volume recruitment for full-time roles. As organizations create their talent acquisition strategies, they must focus on high-volume recruitment and technology solutions that enable high-volume recruitment.

2. Leveraging internal resource mobility:

With competition and demand for talent at an all-time high, recruitment teams should look at mobilizing talent internally and tapping alumni networks. Employees must also be provided with internal development opportunities that keep them invested in their career growth within the company.

3. Employer branding gives the competitive edge:

In 2023, the way you present the brand will have a direct impact on branding, engaging, and attracting new talent.

4. Providing superior customer experience:

In a market where demand outstrips supply, job seekers are in total control. Recruiters need to focus on providing excellent superior customer experience to gain a competitive edge.

5. More focus on Diversity, equity, and inclusion practices:

Diversity, equity, and inclusion practices need to be the central focus for HR teams in today’s competitive landscape. Adopting recruiting assessment tools empowers companies to keep up with the recruitment trends for 2023.

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