pre employment assessment tools

Is your organization struggling to pick out the right candidate for the job role?

Finding an employee with the potential to add more value to the performance and productivity of the organization has become a long and tiring chore. This problem is mostly seeded in an inefficient screening process. In the fast-paced corporate world, the traditional hiring methods will not suffice the growing demand and urgency of talent and skill proficiency.

So what is an effective solution to this?

For the past few years, businesses have been relying on technology-based solutions like pre-employment assessment tools for an easy shortlisting process. These tools become handy when candidates have to be filtered from a huge candidate group. These are efficient, accurate, errorless, and bias-free.

Let us explore more about pre-employment assessment tools and get familiarized with the best pre-employment assessment tools available for a standard recruitment process.

Defining a Pre-employment Assessment Tool

When the skills and abilities of a candidate are given importance, assessing these factors has to be made simpler too. The pre-employment assessment tools are effective solutions that make the hiring process easy. Also known as pre-hire assessment tests, these are tests that are used for the evaluation of candidates for a particular job role. As a part of the recruitment process, this type of evaluation makes it easier for hiring managers to shortlist effective candidates.

Gone are the days when recruiters only used traditional hiring methods like resume screening and interviews. As the current hiring fashion, leveraging pre-employment assessment software has given employers more supremacy over the complete hiring process. Moreover, these assessment tools can also be deployed as employee assessment tools. Employee evaluation and appraisals are common events in all business organizations and can be effortlessly carried out by simultaneously eliminating severe drawbacks like recruiter bias and faulty screening.

As the best screening tool, it guides employers to make informed decisions based on the skills, experience, and qualifications of the candidates. Hence, only the high-quality candidates who would ace the role are shortlisted. Moreover, these tools entail assessment tests that will also analyze the behavioral aspects of the candidates as well. Assessing soft skills can reveal whether a candidate will suit the role, team, culture, and working environment of an organization.

Reasons to Use Pre-employment Assessment Tools

Skills assessment tools have been gaining significance in the recent past and have proved to be more effective and accurate in finding the most suitable candidates. These assessment tools offer more benefits to both candidates and employers.

From the recruiter’s perspective, some of the crucial advantages these offer are:

  • A simple shortlisting task
  • Time and cost-efficiency
  • Low resource consumption
  • Overall effectiveness

From an applicant’s point of view, some of the perks are:

  • Unbiased decision-making,
  • A structured and systematic framework for assessment tests
  • It provides an equal space for the candidates to prove their capabilities

Here are some additional reasons why hiring managers must use these tools:

Apart from the tangible benefits, there are a few additional ones too. Some of them are discussed here.

Focus on Skills

The pre-employment assessment software will give the recruiters a narrowed and rigid framework for assessing all the candidates. As hiring managers, such software will allow you to focus on the skill set rather than just trusting what is given on the resume by the candidate. With the right skills being assessed, only the candidates with value will be filtered for the interview, allowing you to conduct meaningful and fruitful interview sessions.

Be Confident in Your Hiring Decisions

In skills assessment tests, the recruiters are provided with instant reporting features that will carry the results of the test conducted. The reports generated will give you the scores of each candidate and denote whether the candidate has passed or failed and also a suggestion on whether the candidate should be hired or not. A feature like this helps recruiters be confident in their decisions that are accurate and can be reached instantly.

Predict Candidate’s Skills and Performance

The reports that are produced give the hiring managers an upper hand in judging the candidate’s abilities with ease. The assessment within the tools will give a comprehensive understanding not only of the skills required for the role but also provide a personality and psychometric analysis as well.

Prepares Managers Effectively

By acquiring reports on the candidate’s behavioral patterns, the managers can have a clear understanding of a candidate’s behavior. Hence, they can presume how that person would fit their team. They will also be able to figure out what kind of roles and responsibilities the candidate would be able to perform effectively.

Creates Robust and Diverse Teams

Pre-employment assessment Companies help your organization create an all-encompassing and robust team that will be diverse in skills, and qualifications, that is purely based on the strengths and weaknesses of the existing candidates as well as the newly hired ones. With a diverse team, more duties and responsibilities can be taken care of, and can actively work towards the organizational goals.

Lied About Skills or Qualification

A survey conducted by ResumeLab revealed that around 70% of workers have lied and provided false information regarding their qualifications and skills on their resumes. Therefore, when candidates are put through the assessment tests using pre-employment tools, recruiters can acquire a clear picture of the capabilities of the candidates.

Lower Turnover Rate

When the right and most apt candidates are chosen for the open roles, there is more harmony brought into the team and the organization as well. Therefore, there is very minimal to zero employee turnover.

Higher Management and Candidate Satisfaction

Due to the high success rate of the seamless and efficient hiring process, the higher management, team manager, and candidates reach high levels of satisfaction.

Types of Tests a Pre-employment Assessment Tool Offers

Here are some important types of Assessment Tests an Assessment tool offers:

Cognitive Ability Tests

To comprehend the mental ability and brain capacity of the candidates, cognitive ability tests are used. In this type of test, the hiring managers can easily assess how a candidate would deal with complexity. The cognitive ability tests entail several other tests such as the General Aptitude Test (GAT) is one of the most commonly used cognitive ability tests. In a GAT test, the verbal, logical, and numerical abilities of the candidates can be assessed.

Personality Tests

Personality tests are conducted to entirely focus on the personality trait of the candidate to judge their behavioral aspect in a working environment. When these traits are analyzed and evaluated the recruiters can understand whether the candidate is the right fit for the work culture of their environment. With an extensive comprehension of the candidates’ behavior patterns and instincts, parameters like interest and engagement levels can be determined. Some of the major personality test types include:

  • Caliper Profile
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire
  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)
  • DiSC Behavioral Inventory

Job Knowledge Tests

As the name of the test suggests, job knowledge tests are conducted to understand the conceptual and theoretical knowledge of the candidates required for the job role. For example, for the role of an accounting professional, the candidate will be required to possess knowledge of the accounting processes. Hence, in this type of test, the skills and abilities required for the role are given more importance and weightage. The candidates are shortlisted based on their knowledge and expertise.

Integrity Tests

Integrity tests are objective types of tests that are conducted to gauge the reliability of the candidate. The main parameters assessed here are the integrity and the ethical stability of the candidates. These determine how much a candidate as an employee can be trusted with confidential information, data, and files. It analyzes the ethicality of the candidates while encountering unprecedented circumstances. It is highly essential to ensure that the integrity of the candidate must align with the organization’s values and culture. Some basic and ideal questions can be asked as follows:

  • Do you uphold the same ethical values inside and outside of the organization?
  • What would you do if your employer or coworker violated organization policy?
  • Do you think it is ethically right to publish the work samples on personal websites?

Emotional Intelligence Tests

In a working setup, qualities like relationship-building, emotional intelligence stability, etc., are highly important and mandatory. It is natural for disputes and differences in opinions to happen in organizations. In such scenarios, an emotionally stable person would be able to handle the situation better. An example of an Emotional Intelligence test is the Berke assessment. It studies the personality traits as well as the problem-solving skills of a candidate, and can also be used for determining the emotional range of a person.

Skills Assessment Tests

A skills assessment test will encompass the evaluation of both hard and soft skills in a candidate. The skills assessment test will assess the candidate based on the skills that are part of the job role. Initially, the recruiters will determine the skills that are required for the role based on which candidates are chosen and shortlisted.

Verbal Reasoning Tests

A verbal reasoning test assesses a candidate’s ability to acquire, process, form a theory, and then evaluate the possible outcomes of the problem. This type of test brings out the candidate’s ability to work around a piece of qualitative information. This type of assessment test falls under evaluating cognitive abilities.

Numerical Reasoning Tests

Similar to the verbal reasoning test, a numerical reasoning test is used to assess the caliber of understanding and working with quantitative and numerical data. As a part of the cognitive ability test, these are used for testing their sense in decision-making and dealing with data and analytics. Candidates with high numerical reasoning can be a great asset to the organization.

Inductive Reasoning Tests

Inductive reasoning tests are used for analyzing and determining the logical thinking and problem-solving capabilities of the candidates. The inductive reasoning tests are also known as abstract reasoning, logical reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, or diagrammatic reasoning. Roles that require qualities like creativity, problem-solving abilities, technical expertise, and also innovation.

Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs)

Situational judgment tests are highly recommended to be included in assessment tests regardless of the job roles. The SJTs are part of the behavioral assessments as they evaluate a candidate’s caliber to make quick decisions and have a high-value judgment quotient. One of the commonly used question samples in this test is where the candidates are given hypothetical situations and also possible solutions to them. Following this, the candidates have to rank the given solutions based on how effective they are. Hence, recruiters can know how well the candidates judge a given situation.

Risk Tests

Every organization will often face risks in their management and it is quite common. During such risk-oriented situations, the employees must possess the quality of managing risks and suggesting sound solutions. Such candidates when they are selected promptly can solve or better avoid being in such situations. They ideally tend to avoid an unprofessional work environment as well.

Benefits of Recruitment Assessment Software Tools

A pre-employment assessment tool has an edge over traditional hiring methods in providing an error-less, bias-free, data-driven hiring experience to both the candidates and employers. Some of the essential benefits offered by recruitment assessment software are as follows:

High Employee Retention

Pre-employment assessment software has the potential to effortlessly filter and shortlist the best suitable candidates. The accurate choice of new employees leads to high employee retention rates. Being the right fit, they perform their roles and responsibilities better as they tend to have the talent and the understanding of their role. Hence, these employees.

Saves Time

These tests are conducted by sharing test links with all the candidates. Following this, the candidates are asked to complete the test in a stipulated period. Once that period is over, the test initiator is notified how many candidates have completed the test. In such a scenario, the recruiter does not have to spend time on individual candidates. A huge amount of time and other resources are saved.

No Biased Judgment

Candidate assessment tests are completely bias-free, from the onset of the test to the evaluation and result generation, everything is done by the software solution. Therefore, there is no space for any subjective judgment or biased decision-making.

Screen More Candidates

Mass hiring is a common phenomenon that most organizations carry out. A huge candidate pool is a common occurrence in mass hiring. Screening such a large group of candidates can be easily done by leveraging a pre-employment assessment tool. The data-driven approach makes it possible for recruiters to filter out a large chunk of candidates in one go.

Increased Productivity

The overall benefit a pre-employment assessment tool offers is increased productivity for the entire organization. With the best candidate being hired consistently, all the teams in the organization are strengthened to a great extent that the performance always remains par excellence.

How to Pick the Best Pre-employment Assessment for Your Use Case?

Relevance of Test

Before you decide on a recruitment tool, it is important to know whether the tool has all the essential tests for your organization. The tests that are present have to be relevant to your organization’s needs. To know whether skills assessment tests are relevant, the organization has to evaluate the earlier job performance. Hence, choosing a candidate assessment tool can take a long time. The candidates who were selected in the previous recruitment processes can be evaluated to understand the effectiveness of the tests.

Candidate Test Completion Rates

The tests have to be able to be completed by the candidates, that is, the completion rate matters. Tracking the completion rate will allow the recruiters to understand where and when candidates drop off from the test. This data can be used to figure out common points where candidates find it difficult to answer. Keeping an account of this can help the employer to make the test more and more relevant and candidate-friendly.

Align with your Brand

As one of the earliest touchpoints with the candidates, a candidate assessment test will act as the first representation of the organization to the candidates. Therefore, the tests have to be aligned with the brand. Some factors that can be worked here are on UI or the way the tests are presented to the candidates. Customization is one of the best features that can be leveraged to present tests vividly according to the job role.

Range of Assessment Options

Go for a pre-employment assessment tool that offers a wide range of assessment tests. Generally, most recruitment tests cater to specific roles and skills but make sure that the tool you are hiring supports all types of skills that are relevant to all the roles.


Integration is a crucial feature to check for. Most organizations might want to integrate multiple third-party applications into the software. A tool with integration would allow such collaboration. For example, ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is an important external application most recruiters use to track the applicant’s progress. Therefore, a tool that would integrate the ATS into its system must be preferred.

Pricing/ Free Trial

Several skills assessment tools are available in the market with varying price ranges, with options for monthly/quarterly/yearly subscriptions. Depending on the organizational setup and size, it is ideal to choose a tool that is affordable and offers the best features that suit your organization. It is better to look for a free trial offer where recruiters can run a software trial and check whether it is the right one for the recruitment process.


As mentioned in one of the earlier sections, customization is one of the best features. Assessment tests are one of the first initial touch points with the candidates, it is ideal to have customized email templates, and test interfaces can be made more creative based on the job roles.

Live Proctoring

Live proctoring is an advanced feature that ensures tests are conducted cheating-free and defrauded. With live proctoring, the test invigilator will have a live video proctoring of the candidates who are taking the test. Additionally, they will also be able to view the test screen of the candidates. If any candidate is found to be moving out of the test tab they are alerted through a few warnings. If this continues to happen, they will be dropped off the test automatically.

Enterprise Features

Apart from the features to look for in an assessment tool, go for software that would allow enterprise features. Some of these features are white labeling, custom branding, GDPR compliance, etc.). Some other additional features can be customer support, seamless onboarding, AI-based question generation, etc.

How can Recruiters be Prepared to Choose the Right Assessment Tool?

Choosing the right assessment tool is a risky business. Therefore, here are some parameters to consider before you finalize a software tool.

Determine What You Want To Test For

When initiating a change, proper planning is mandatory. With planning, the recruiters and the team manager can set the goals and objectives of the hiring process.

This is the stage where the criteria for the selection process based on the role is created. This will determine what skills and qualities are you looking for in a candidate. Accordingly, the questions can be set.

Ensure That The Tool’s Design Will Appeal To Candidates

For employer branding, candidate experience is an important factor. When tests are chaotic and hard to navigate, the candidates tend to drop off from it. This will give a negative impression on the organization.

Make A List Of All The Features That You Are Looking For

It is highly recommended to fix the skills that you want to evaluate. A software tool with pre-built skills and a test library will offer a predetermined set of skill criteria and related questions.

Determine The Budget

Choosing a price range for the tool is highly essential. Always go for a low-cost, high-value assessment tool that will offer so much at the lowest price. However, most of the tools in the market are either highly-priced or offer low-value test assessments.

How to Use Pre-Employment Assessment Tools?

With a structured recruitment process, the recruiters can pinpoint the most talented candidate from the lot. Just as the process is simple and easy to implement, the mode of utilization is also seamless. However, it is important to remember that every tool has its limitations. So, how should you go about it?

  • Determine the criteria of selection for the job role with the department manager. Once the skills have been researched and decided, these skills can be added to the skill library and added to the assessment.
  • Based on the questions and skills, select the type, difficulty level, the mark to be assigned, and the total time for answering the questions.
  • It is important to ensure that both hard and soft skills have been included in the assessment tests. This will provide the recruiter with a broad reach into the capabilities and personality traits of each candidate.
  • Remember to give a demo question at the beginning of each section to guide the candidates to be aware of the type of questions they are going to answer.
  • Also, mention if each question is a mandatory one or an optional one.

Drawbacks In Using A Pre-employment Assessment Tool

Even though the tool generates reports that offer quantifiable and objective results for the selection process, using a skill assessment process can be challenging as well. Some drawbacks can be as follows:

  • Most of the time, personality or psychometric tests are considered to be intrusive by the candidates.
  • Some of the tests can be discriminatory and often can have legal implications.
  • Sometimes, some tests can only assess the candidates’ existing knowledge but do not evaluate their ability or their eagerness to learn new skills.

At the end of the day, it is ideal to not only rely on Pre-employment Assessment companies but also invest in combining them with other recruitment methods like resume screening, group discussion, and one-on-one interviews. When the right combination of behavioral and skill-based tests. This way a structured hiring process can be generated.

When Should You Use An Assessment Tool?

Generally, organizations seek a pre-employment assessment tool in the following cases:

Case 1: You are already using a pre-employment assessment tool but it does not work for any of the two reasons listed

  • The hiring manager is not happy with the quality of the past hires who are shortlisted for the interview after completing the test.
  • The organization faces low test completion rates, that is, somewhere around 75%.

Case 2: The organization has not used an assessment tool before and is facing difficulties in filtering a large pool of candidates. A lot of time is being spent on interviewing under-qualified and low-value candidates.

Case 3: Your organization is hiring for a new role for the first time and you do not have the skills to interview for that particular role.

Top 24 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools to Explore

1. Skillrobo

Skillrobo is one of the best pre-employment assessment tools that has proven its efficiency in multiple companies across the globe. The platform provides predefined tests that can be custom-made according to the need by adding questions or skills by the recruiter. The platform is AI-powered with ARIV where the skills and questions can be generated automatically within just 50 to 60 seconds. As a powerful skill assessment tool, the platform offers more than 100 pre-existing skills and test libraries, using which the hiring managers can create assessment tests and generate skills.

Important Features

  • The platform offers ARIV, an AI test generator where tests can be automatically created, making it easier for recruiters.
  • The tests are fully customizable and preferred skills and questions can be added.
  • Skillrobo gives its users an in-built skills library and assessment tests that cover industries.
  • The software tool provides the feature of live proctoring where the recruiters can invigilate the candidates who are taking the test. They can also screen the candidates.
  • The tool has the potential to spot any fraudulent activities when the candidate is found to be moving out of the test window.
  • The results are generated for each candidate. It will be marked as “passed” or “failed” based on the pass percentage the recruiter sets.
  • Once the test has been completed, the tool gives the following three suggestions based on the performance of each candidate:
    • “Not Go Ahead”
    • “Proceed with Caution”
    • “Go Ahead”


  • Happy – $99 per month
  • Joy – $199 per month
  • Bliss – Custom pricing
  • Nirvana – $299, one time

2. Tests4Geeks

Tests4Geeks is a Pre-employment Assessment company that is designed to specifically test the programming skills of the candidates. Similar to most online assessment tools, the candidates are sent the test links and results are generated once all the candidates have attempted the test.

Important Features

  • The tool offers custom branding to the organization.
  • The assessment tests are specific to technical roles catering to the IT industry.
  • Permanent test links are generated which can be published on the web
  • Offers a wide pricing range.
  • The platform allows integration with the Applicant Tracking System


  • The tool offers no customization.
  • No free trial is available.


  • $29.95 for 3 tests
  • $59.95 for 10 tests
  • $99.95 per month

3. Vervoe

Founded in Australia, Vervoe is an AI-powered tool that helps users effectively shortlist candidates based on software-generated grades and ranking. The tool uses solutions from machine learning that instantly aid in the grading and ranking of candidates. The platform caters to various roles.

Important Features

  • The tool entails a library that offers 300+ built-in skills assessments for the users.
  • Vervoe also offers realistic job simulations for all the roles.
  • The platform allows the Applicant Tracking System.
  • The platform offers anti-cheating features like question randomization which automatically rotates the questions to change the order.


  • The tool lacks personalization in the user profile.
  • It does not offer a tracking system to see the communication with the candidates.


  • Pay & Go – $228/year
  • Let’s Talk – Custom annual pricing
  • Let’s Partner – Usage-based pricing

4. TestDome

Similar to Test4Geeks, TestDome is also a tech-based pre-employment assessment tool. These are designed for testing and shortlisting tech and popular IT roles. The users are given the ability to create their own questions as well. It efficiently improves the hiring process and also the quality of the candidates.

Important Features

  • TestDome offers around 130+ pre-built tests specifically for tech skills
  • There are 1300+ premium questions in the library that are categorized by skill for easy access.
  • Questions and skills can be customized on the platform by the users.
  • The score and ranking are generated automatically.
  • The tool also offers advanced screen proctoring and shows if the candidate has used any AI tools such as ChatGPT.


  • TestDome’s major drawback is that it does not offer tests such as personality, debugging, or language-based.
  • No free trial is available.


  • Single Pack (one-time) – $150
  • Subscription – $200 per month
  • Unlimited – $800 per month

5. Toggl Hire

Toggl Hire specifically caters to tech, marketing, and sales-based job roles. It readily assesses a candidate’s willingness and readiness to remote work. Its unique feature is that it gives statistical insights into campaigns for hiring and the performance of the job opening.

Important Features

  • The platform offers a space to build job-specific skills assessment tests for both technical and soft skills.
  • The tool promises flexibility with full customization of the questions and test templates.
  • The platform supports remote and volume hiring.


  • The platform does not support debugging challenges
  • It does not have live peer coding.


  • Free – $0 per month
  • Basic – 25 per month
  • Premium – $100 per month
  • Business – $469 per month

6. Mettl

Founded in India, Mettl is a technology-based company that specializes in skills assessment, and proctoring majorly catering to job roles in finance and IT. It is an all-encompassing platform that offers quality solutions like online assessments, remote proctoring, and online certification programs.

Important Features

  • The platform is best suited for conducting entrance and semester examinations for educational institutions.
  • The tool offers a wide range of recruitment assessment tests. Some of them are psychometric, behavioral, aptitude, technical, and communication skills tests.
  • Apart from general tests, role-specific assessment tests like coding skills tests and advanced coding simulators are available.
  • Hiring-based assessments like lateral and campus hiring are also a unique feature that Mettl offers.


  • The UI/UX of the platform can be complex for the users.
  • The platform does not allow a combination of multiple skills in a single assessment.


  • Starter Package – $249 per year

7. Interview Mocha

Interview Mocha is an efficient tool for recruiting candidates for any job role. The platform offers more than 1500 tests that effectively evaluate a wide range of skills. The tool is known for helping recruiters make data-driven decisions.

Important Features

  • The platform offers video support for the assessments that are conducted.
  • The grades and ranking are automatically generated. A report for each candidate will be available at the end of the test.
  • The platform supports multi-user collaboration.
  • Organization branding can be done and the platform also supports the customization of email ID, URL, and landing page representing the organization’s brand.


  • The platform is expensive.
  • No free trial.


  • Basic – $1800 per year
    Professional – $6000 per year


Catering to technical skills, Qualified is built to offer developer-friendly assessment tests. The tool offers pre-employment assessments for software-based roles. Founded in the US, the platform allows ATS integration with Workable, Zapier, and many other applications.

Important Features

  • The tool has a rich content library that provides pre-built assessment tests.
  • The entire platform can be customized according to the needs of the job role or the test.
  • The platform also offers automatically generated reports on candidate performance with filtering options.


  • The platform does not offer a free version for the users.
  • The tool majorly focuses only on technical roles.


  • Available on request

9. ClassMarker

Based in Australia, ClassMarker is a seamless online testing and quiz maker platform. The users can effortlessly create, assign, and automatically grade the candidate. It is an easy-to-use space with high levels of security and privacy. The content can be reused with question banks.

Important Features

  • The platform offers randomization of questions.
  • It is a reliable cloud-based online testing platform and does not require software to install.
  • It also offers unlimited quizzes and questions.


  • Sometimes, the results are not generated automatically.
  • No mobile compatibility.


  • Professional 1 – $39.95 per month
  • Professional 2 – $9.95 per month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing

10. Expert Rating

Expert Rating is a pre-employment assessment tool that encapsulates around 800+ in-built tests helping organizations to effectively shortlist candidates. Additionally, the platform also offers certification for skills and also delivers online courses and training through classes and eBooks at affordable prices.

Important Features

  • The platform offers effective and flexible testing options to the users.
  • The reports generated in the tool give in-depth insights into the candidates’ abilities.
  • The users are provided with multiple payment options.


  • The platform is non–accredited
  • Some of the tests in the platform do not meet the quality standards.


  • Starts from $10 per test.

11. Lytmus

Lytmus is a skills analytics and assessment platform that predominantly offers the best hiring process, training, as well as certification for candidates. The unique functionality of the platform is that the assessment test offers real-world tasks and the candidates are asked to solve it using real tools.

Important Features

  • The tool offers real engineering tasks along with natural candidate experience that offers a clear understanding of the candidates’ abilities.
  • The content library lays out assessments for Backen, frontend, Systems, QA, and Database.


  • The tool can often get laggy in usage.
  • The customer service offered lacks efficiency.


  • $250 per month

12. Athena Assessment

Athena Quotient is a platform that validates a candidate’s ability to make good judgments which is crucial for the working environment. A unique feature of Athena it majorly focuses on the problem-solving and decision-making abilities of the candidates. This platform caters to multiple roles.

Important Features

  • The platform is an easy-to-use interface for the recruiters as well as the candidates.
  • The tool mainly focuses on the individual’s core values and ability to make decisions.
  • It is accurate in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates using 30 criteria.


  • The tool does not offer a free trial.


  • $125 per assessment
  • $350 per month

13. CodeSignal

CodeSignal is a comprehensive assessment tool that is specifically used for tech roles. The platform allows ATS integrations with external applications like Greenhouse, Lever, JazzHR, and Taleo. The tool also offers a free trial as well.

Important Features

  • The software offers easy access to the activity dashboard where all the activities can be tracked.
  • With the automatic grading feature, the candidates can be graded, ranked, and shortlisted.
  • With an active ATS, the conduction of tests, candidate management, and assessment management can be achieved successfully.


  • The tool can be slow when using frontend languages for test conduction.
  • The UI can be difficult to navigate and use seamlessly.


  • Starter Package – $200 per month

14. The English Quiz

The English Quiz is a unique platform that offers assessment tests for the oral and written language competency of candidates in the English language. The platform is completely online and operates 24/7.

Important Features

  • The platform supports high-volume testing and easy filtering.
  • This allows integration with a wide spectrum of applications such as Greenhouse, Smart Recruiters, Workday, and Workable.
  • The platform offers online proctoring to prevent cheating.


  • The software applies to one language
  • The tool is a bit expensive.


  • Basic – €220 per pack
  • Flexible – €320 per pack
  • Complete – €420 per pack

15. Harver

The large volume of hiring can be done effectively with Harver. The tool is specialized for faster and more accurate hiring. The application offers candidate background checks, video interviews, and assessment tests for various skills.

Important Features

  • The tool offers validated assessment tests that help predict the hiring success.
  • The platform promises a very engaging experience to the candidates and recruiters, effectively spotting top talent.
  • The tool is specialized in eliminating any form of bias in the recruitment process.


  • There is only limited integration in the product.
  • The tool also lacks customization for the users.


  • Price on request

16. HR Avatar

HR Avatar is an exceptional tool for conducting pre-employment assessments with animated and simulation-based real jobs. The unique feature of this tool is that it improves candidate engagement by using job-related scenarios simultaneously improving the quality of the hire.

Important Features

  • The tool complies with the legal standards and requirements.
  • The platform uses the latest science and also technology like AI
  • The tools test a wide range of parameters like skills and knowledge assessments, personality and emotional intelligence, past behaviors, workplace competence, etc.


  • The tests that the tool offers can be expensive.
  • Tests are limited to assess the candidate’s skills.


  • Starter package – $50 per test

17. CodinGame

CodinGame is best suited for evaluating and screening tech-based candidates. Users can make assessments for technical roles from the questions library. This tool is an effective training platform for the candidates providing them with challenge-based activities like solving games, coding AI bots, etc.

Important Features

  • The tool rightfully offers the candidates tools like test cases and real-time code execution.
  • The platform promises to offer a seamless candidate experience that does not require any setup.
  • The tool effectively detects cheating as the global test performance is tracked.


  • The tool does not offer a very extensive question library.
  • The application allows only 10 customized questions also only in the popular pricing plan.


  • €249 per month

18. QuantHub

QuantHub is specialized to cater to hiring data scientists. Specific to Data scientists, the tool offers a comprehensive approach as it assesses the candidate’s skills and also their ability to apply these skills in the job role and responsibilities.

Important Features

  • The platform offers data visualization through which data-driven decisions can be made by recruiters.
  • The software targets analytics and offers training management.
  • The tool supports customizable branding to the users.


  • Most often the platform is not up-to-date, as the industry is constantly evolving.
  • It takes time to implement the software and integrate it with the systems.


  • Subscription – $350 per month
  • Subscription – $400 per month
  • Enterprise – Custom plan

19. Bryq

With both cognitive and psychometric skills, pre-employment assessments are an effective way of conducting the recruitment process. This tool is specifically curated to hire non-technical roles. Bryq is a good choice for large, midsize, non-profit, and also small businesses.

Important Features

  • Procedures like employee profiles, employee management, and employee onboarding can all be achieved seamlessly.
  • The assessments can be conducted individually for all the candidates with an automatic grading system.
  • With the reports generated, the candidates can be compared and managed with visualized data.


  • Migration of score into the ATS can get interrupted often in the tool
  • The tool does not have assessment tests for technical roles.


  • $99 per month
  • $299 per month
  • $499 per month

20. Fluent IQ

Fluent IQ is an English-language testing tool that offers talent assessment for various roles in an organization. The application is compatible with both mobile phone and computer-based options. It supports integration with applications like iCIMS, SnapHire, JobAdder, etc.

Important Features

  • It is a cost-effective and reliable method of assessing a candidate’s communication abilities.
  • The tool uses modern linguistic science that accurately measures a candidate’s English communication proficiency.
  • The tests Fluent IQ can be taken anywhere anytime since everything is conducted online.


  • The platform does not offer a free trial.
  • The tool does not have any other skill-based tests apart from the English language.


  • $16-25 per test

21. HackerRank

HackerRank is an effective assessment tool that offers online coding tests for hiring top developers for organizations. Catering to more than 2500 organizations across the world, HackerRank is best known for its effective shortlisting capabilities. A unique factor about the tool is that it has developed a large developer community including students and graduates.

Important Features

  • The tool offers integration with other applications like Taleo, Jobvite, API, etc.
  • The platform offers a 14-day free trial which offers limited access to the question library.
  • The application also offers tools for interviews.


  • The tool does not offer a free trial.
  • The tool lacks detailed performance feedback to users.


  • Starter Package – $50 per month

22. DevSkiller

DevSkiller is specifically crafted for developer screening where they can be screened and interviewed with ease. The technical skills that this caters to are programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. The tool offers a 7-day free trial to its users.

Important Features

  • The tool offers remote assessment of the skills.
  • It provides the users with 4000+ in-built IT and digital skills.
  • The platform produces a skills map that gives a visual representation of the performance of the candidates.


  • The platform is not available as a free version.
  • The tool only offers assessment for hard skills specific to technical roles.


  • $499 per month

23. Vidcruiter

Vidcruiter is a virtual interview space that is effective in handling interviews like a pro. This tool can be used for any role in an organization. A unique feature of this tool is that it can conduct pre-recorded interviews where responses can be submitted through video, text, or even through call.

Important Features

  • The platform offers effective customization of the interview process according to the job role.
  • The Hiring Process Tracking feature offers a clear view of the status of the recruitment process.
  • The platform supports integration with several applications like ADP, BambooHR, Salesforce, etc.


  • There is no detailed information about how the videos of the candidates will be used.
  • The tool lacks more clarity on the deadlines of the tasks performed.


  • Starter Package – $5000 per year

24. Wepow

Similar to Vidcruiter, Wepow is also an interviewing and talent management tool that seamlessly conducts the recruitment process. This tool covers various roles in an organization.

Important Features

  • The tool supports integration with external applications like Smart Recruiters, Avature, Umantis, etc.
  • The tool is flexible as the candidates are allowed to record their responses in their timelines. Therefore, the interview does not have to be scheduled.
  • The platform offers collaboration tools for the effective evaluation of the candidates.


  • The platform does not offer a free trial.
  • Sometimes, the platform’s interface can be slow when used. Also, the tool has limited mobile compatibility.


  • Available on request


Pre-employment Assessment companies give the best solution that can actively save recruiters from unnecessarily spending time and energy on mundane processes. It is now evident that methods like resume screening and group discussion can only offer limited insights into what the individual candidate is capable of. Assessment tools like Skillrobo offer an overarching reach to the capabilities of a candidate.

As an AI-assisted tool, Skillrobo has so much to offer that will benefit both the organization as well as the candidates. Employers are empowered to make their own based on the data delivered by the tool and deliver a deserving employee to the organization.

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