Recruitment is no longer only about hiring candidates, it has grown into a strategic function that defines the value proposition of an employee, managing and differentiating employee pay and performance, succession planning, and attracting best talent. The recruitment and selection process needs to evolve in order to keep up with an increasingly talent driven market. Employers that wish to onboard the best talent need to adapt to a candidate-driven market by adopting faster and more efficient hiring methods. Pre-employment testing software enables organizations to hire the right talent quickly and more efficiently.

What is a Pre-Employment Assessment?

The HR landscape is being continuously altered by technological disruption. The use of pre-employment assessment tools, remote proctoring software, virtual interviews, etc. are new technological improvements that have improved the efficiency and speed of hiring quality candidates. Pre-hire assessment tools enable companies and recruiters to attract and engage a larger talent pool. Including these tools in the recruitment and screening journeys helps the recruitment team screen the right profile among hundreds of potential candidates.

Pre employment testing software is a standardized approach to collecting complete information on job applicants and checking if the information matches their hands-on skill in order to make data-driven hiring decisions. As per Mercer| Mettl Talent Assessment Practices Report 2020, 25% of the organizations look to probe the personality and motivations of candidates that would enable them to face workplace challenges. The image below shows the information required to make the right hiring decisions.

In today’s competitive market, it is not enough if companies hire only for the present, they need to hire for future requirements as well. The recruitment strategy needs to overcome the inefficiencies of traditional hiring methods. Hiring team needs to up their strategy by adopting efficient means of candidate filtration like pre employment skills tests.

4 Signs that You Should Invest in Employee Assessment Tools

The problem with standard interview and candidate evaluation methods is that they don’t always provide answers to the basic question – “Can the candidate do the job?”. The most common way companies seek answers to this question is by conducting several rounds of interviews. This is not only a laborious process but is also expensive. A better evaluation method would be to adopt a more rigorous form of objective testing that can reveal the suitability of the candidate.

Watch out for these signs that indicate the need for pre-employment testing software:

  • Poor quality of candidate hiring: In-person interviews or other conventional methods of hiring often fail to evaluate personality traits of candidates needed to perform well on the job. In order to perform well in their jobs, candidates need to exhibit non-job related skills like problem-solving, motivation, and team spirit. Quality hiring requires holistic and objective evaluation, rather than job skills evaluation alone.
  • Lengthy and costly hiring process: In an attempt to find the right fit for the job the recruitment team schedules several screening and interview rounds for the candidate. Lengthy hiring cycles run into high costs for the recruitment team.
  • Time constraints: HR professionals need to sift through several profiles in order to find the right candidate. Time constraints often force them to go through several profiles within a short duration, due to which effective filtering does not happen. A rushed screening process in turn results in poor hiring quality.
  • Ambiguous test results: conventional hiring processes are subjective and often provide ambiguous results. Lack of clarity in the results or ambiguous test results often results in wrong hiring decisions or losing the right fit for the role.

Companies that invest in pre-employment testing software can reap the benefits almost immediately. Saving recruitment time by using testing software translates to cost saving for the business.

Effectiveness of Pre-Employment Assessment

Companies that have invested in pre-employment testing tools have experienced a marked improvement in hiring quality and employee retention. Pre-employment testing software helps companies save hiring costs and time significantly.

Pre-hire assessment tools have proven to be effective in helping the HR make data-driven decisions. These tools enable holistic candidate evaluation by including cognitive, psychometric, reasoning, and other assessments. Comprehensive assessment through pre-employment tests reduces the recruitment time and also improves accuracy and validity of the recruitment process.

  • Reliability: Reliability of pre-employment assessment is an important indicator of the success of hiring assessment tests. High reliability indicates that the test is capable of producing consistent and reliable results over time.
  • Validity: An assessment is said to be valid when it measures what it claims to measure. Validity is different from reliability, in that the former measures the truthfulness of results, while the latter measures the consistency of the test. Content related, concurrent validity, predictive validity, criterion validity, and construct validity are the different types of validity of pre-employment tests.
  • Comprehensive evaluation: Pre-employment tests help companies hire the right fit by evaluating various aspects like behavioral traits, reasoning and cognitive ability, and job-related skills. Candidates screened through these tests are not only skilled for the role, but also fit well into the workplace culture.

SkillRobo is an online pre-employment skills assessment test that is trusted by many organizations to hire skilled and talented candidates for a variety of roles. The skill assessments can be fully customized according to the skill and role for which candidates are being hired. The skill library provides a wide assortment of question types that are role-based. The tests are conducted in a safe browser environment that monitors the online activity of the candidate while taking the test.


Pre-employment testing tools are effective and efficient ways of finding the right candidate within a short time frame. Pre-employment testing software provides reliable and valid results for all kinds of skill tests for roles across industries. SkillRobo is a highly effective pre-employment testing software that helps the HR team screen quickly and effectively. Looking to invest in pre-employment skills assessment software? We provide reliable and effective pre-employment test software that will be worth every penny invested.

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