The production floor is the epicenter of activity in a manufacturing company. Creating product designs, manufacturing parts, and assembling them – all these activities take place on the factory floor. All the activities on the production floor need to be well-planned and coordinated so that the quality of the end product is consistently high. A capable and skilled workforce is required for working in a production environment. Online production skills assessment tests are the most effective way to hire skilled and talented candidates.

Latest Trends in the Production Market

The production environment in a manufacturing company is teeming with activity. Handling large manufacturing, assembling, and packaging equipment is part of the daily work routine of employees at the production floor. Working in manufacturing provides a variety of opportunities. Steady advancements in the industry need workers to stay updated on the latest technological advancements.

Manufacturing companies need to update and upgrade their equipment in order to keep up with evolving customer and market demands. Operating modern manufacturing equipment requires skilled and capable production workers. Production workers need to be updated on usage of the latest manufacturing equipment. Awareness of latest market trends is important to work on the production floor.

The latest trends in the production industry are listed below:

  • Priority given to Employee Safety: Working in a production environment is open to hazards. Renewed focus on employee safety is the latest trend in the production floor. Ensuring minimal contact with hazardous equipment and implementing strict safety protocols are some of the ways to ensure employee safety.
  • Need for Predictive maintenance: Breakdown of manufacturing equipment causes business losses. Predictive maintenance helps prevent unplanned outages and extends machinery life by years.
  • New approach to ERP: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have become mainstay in manufacturing companies. ERP systems help streamline processes through automation for providing real-time information on systems.
  • Rise in 3D production: 3D production techniques are being used to support prototyping for product designs and troubleshooting new products.

Skills Needed to Work in Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies need to update and upgrade themselves in order to align themselves to the latest industry and market trends. In addition to having the right skills and capabilities, production floor employees need to update themselves in the usage of modern manufacturing equipment.

The must-have skills of production workers are:

  • Attention to detail: Attention to detail is an essential skill for production workers. Speed and precision is priority on the manufacturing floor. Attention to detail and focus is important while operating sophisticated and heavy manufacturing equipment.
  • Critical thinking: Critical thinking and ability to troubleshoot small manufacturing issues is essential to work in a manufacturing environment. Employees that can make sound, in-the-moment decisions in response to unexpected decisions are suitable to work in a production environment.
  • Ability to work in a team: Production workers must be able to work effectively in a team.
  • Strong communication skills: Being able to communicate effectively with the team and work with co-workers to troubleshoot issues help achieve greater goals of the company.
  • Aptitude for technology: In order to work on upgraded manufacturing equipment, production workers need to have an aptitude to learn new technology.
  • Dependability: Manufacturing workplaces are large workplaces, so supervisors need their employees to be accountable and dependable.
  • Ability to be cross-trained: In order to handle diverse job tasks on the manufacturing floor, employees that have the ability to be cross-trained are hugely valuable to the company.

Hiring employees to work on the production floor need to have all the above skills in order to contribute to growth of the company and also to progress in their careers.

Production Skill Assessment Tests

Working on the production floor requires a unique set of skills and capabilities. The hiring process for a production worker or executive, or a manager can be made more efficient through production assessment skill tests.

Components of production assessment tests are:

Job related assessment:

Employers would like to assess the knowledge gained through working experience. Technical skills acquired through education or career are tested through technical assessment tests with questions related to the job.

Aptitude assessment:

Critical thinking and problem solving ability are required to work on the production floor. Questions in the aptitude assessment tests are framed for evaluating reasoning, critical thinking, and logical reasoning abilities. Simulations of situations at work are given to candidates to assess the way they handle crisis situations.

Personality assessment:

Personality assessment is essential to find if the candidate is a good fit for the role. Situation-based questions help employers gain a better understanding of the behavioral tendencies of candidates. Personality assessments help determine if the employee is a team player or not. Truthful answers to these questions help determine if the candidate is a good fit to the company.


Production employees need to be dependable and responsible. Production employees need to take ownership of their work and think and work beyond their allotted work. Assessment of dependability of the candidate is done through simulations at work.


Over and above job-related skills candidates need to be passionate about their work. The interest and passion they show towards their work helps them accelerate their career growth. How open the candidate is towards learning new technology and how well they align to new market trends are evaluated in a production assessment test.

Online pre-employment skill assessment software equips the hiring team with powerful and effective recruitment tools to screen through several candidate profiles within a short duration.


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