The performance and productivity of an organization depends on the talent and skill of the employees. The onus of creating a highly talented and skilled talent pool lies with the recruitment team. A competent and skilled team can deliver products and services that are of top quality. The quality assurance department helps maintain the quality of the products/services. A streamlined quality skill assessment process ensures that the right quality assurance analysts are hired into the team. Making quality assessment tests a part of the hiring process ensures that high performance and skilled candidates are hired.

Conventional Hiring Processes

A highly skilled workforce gives an organization its competitive edge. A team of skilled and competent employees deliver great value to an organization by enhancing the performance potential. Conventional hiring processes depend on screening resumes and interviews for evaluating talent of candidates. These tools are good for evaluating the experience and educational background of candidates. Conventional hiring methods are:

  • Local paper advertisements: placing advertisements in local newspapers about new jobs is one of the oldest ways of hiring candidates. This is one of the simplest forms of recruitment.
  • Local employment job postings: postings in local unemployment offices about job requirements help find all types and sorts of employees. Candidates looking to find jobs relevant to their skills refer to local employment job postings.
  • Temporary employment agencies: organizations can take the help of temporary employment agencies to shortlist potential candidates to find experienced candidates.
  • Internal hiring: internal hiring is a popular way of filling job positions within the company. Employees within the organization are promoted into positions for which hiring is going on. This is a very safe and tested hiring method because the job credentials are already known.

Referrals: hiring through employee referrals or word-of-mouth is another popular way of hiring candidates for job postings within an organization.

Challenges in Manual Hiring Methods

Although traditional hiring methods are still being used across the globe to identify and hire talent, they are not very effective in finding top talent in this technological era. The challenges faced in hiring quality employees through conventional hiring methods are:

Time restraints:

Traditional recruitment methods rely heavily on human effort. These restrictions leave little room for growth and innovation. Human effort dominates the entire recruitment process, from sourcing to onboarding. This heavy dependence on human effort increases the time taken to hire the right talent. Manually managing high recruitment volumes results in compromised screening of candidates, which ultimately brings down the quality of hires.

Limited scope:

Manual/traditional hiring methods have limited sourcing scope. The diversity of the profiles being considered for the role is limited in manual hiring methods. Human bias influences the hiring decision in manual recruitment.

Higher costs:

Organizations spend high amounts on the entire recruitment process. Higher the number of roles for which the company is recruiting, higher will be the recruitment costs. Sourcing and screening candidates are a labor intensive process that runs into high costs.


Recruiters have relied heavily on resumes and interview processes to evaluate talent. These assessment methods fail to evaluate vital skills like dependability, team spirit, motivation, dedication, etc. required for the role. Research indicates that over 78% of the resumes are filled with statements (exaggerations) that make the candidate appear ideal for the job. Personal interviews that are not well structured do not offer clear insights into the candidate’s likelihood of success on the job.

Value Addition of Quality Assessment Tests

The influence of globalization and digitization together require businesses to adopt new and innovative ways of hiring talent. For a single job role, hundreds or even thousands of profiles need to be screened. Manual/conventional recruitment methods are not robust enough to handle such large profile volumes. How does one ensure quality of the hire when such large volumes and multiple skills need to be evaluated?

Pre-employment quality assessment tests are a dependable and consistent way of screening large volumes of candidate profiles to find the right talent. A quality assessment skill test provides insights into non-job related skills like cognitive ability, behavioral traits, and reasoning abilities that are important for the success of the candidate on the job. These tests facilitate holistic and objective candidate evaluation based on specific and accurate data analysis.

Pre-employment skill assessment tests can be used for hiring candidates with varied skill sets across multiple industries. Role-based pre-employment tests like SkillRobo help the recruitment team make data-driven hiring decisions. These tests can be used to evaluate a variety of skills like quality assurance, procurement, finance and accounting, HR, and Admin. To be successful in quality assurance roles, candidates need to exhibit positive behavioral traits, team spirit, communication, and cognitive ability, etc.

Hiring candidates for quality assurance roles can be done via online quality assessment tests that can be administered via email links. Quality assurance skills assessment tests evaluate job related skills and other vital skills like communication ability, cognitive ability, and logical and analytical reasoning abilities of candidates. From quality analyst to quality assurance manager – the skill library can be customized according to the skills required for these roles.

Hiring candidates for quality assurance roles can be effectively done with the help of pre-employment assessment tools like SkillRobo. The assessments in SkillRobo can be customized according to the role and skills required for the role. The skill library in SkillRobo is updated and upgraded according to the skills ruling the roost in the job market. The tests in SkillRobo are categorized based on the industry for which candidates are being hired.


Ensuring that top-quality talent is being hired for open job positions within the organization is primal for the HR department. Competent and skilled employees are the true assets of any organization. SkillRobo is a pre-employment skill assessment software that aids the HR team in making data-driven hiring decisions. From quality assurance skills assessment tests to accounts and finance skills assessment tests – SkillRobo provides a wide array of pre-employment evaluation tests across various industries.

Online quality assessment tests from SkillRobo enable streamlined hiring of candidates for various quality assurance roles.