Steps to Prevent Cheating in Online Assessment Test.

In large organizations and companies that hire candidates a lot, they often use online assessment tests to quickly shortlist people and push them to the next round. But, how do they actually know if the person has legitimately admitted the test?

When hiring is done in bulk and in some cases, while hiring remotely it used to be difficult to find if a candidate is cheating in his test. SkillRobo is equipped with cheating prevention but before you start using the feature, it is good to know how people try to forfeit a test in different ways.

Making Use of the Internet

A lot of people in the digital age make use of the internet on a desktop or on their smartphone to find answers to the questions. They tend to switch between tabs on a computer or keep a phone under the table to search for the right answer.

Cheating by Asking a Different Person to Answer the Questions

In online tests, there is no way to personally find who is taking the test. A candidate can ask a friend or an elderly person who is more proficient in the subject to answer the questions. Such situations are common but should be avoided at all costs.

Taking Frequent Breaks

Some try to read a couple of questions, take frequent breaks to go to the loo or drink some water while someone behind the screen tries to provide them the answers.

Group Test Taking

Attending tests as a group often leads to more marks as some people believe and they gather a couple of friends to help them out with the answers.

How SkillRobo Controls All These and Implement Cheating Prevention?

By Using a Webcam

A live webcam would solve most of the issues and no test is considered valid until the candidate takes a legitimate test where his face is visible all the time. It also makes sure no one else is around and multiple people are never allowed to be there when a test is underway. They can’t help the candidate with the right answers.

By Keeping Tab on the Computer

When they switch tabs multiple times, it will be recorded by the software. It stops them from using the internet to search for the answer and provide them without having in-depth knowledge on the subject.

By Providing Detailed Instructions

The candidate can be provided a brief summary through the testing software. It includes providing info on how to take the test, using cheating methods could get them disqualified and explaining to them the importance of being truthful.

By Randomizing the Questions

Each question is different from one another as the set of questions provided by you on SkillRobo is never in the same order and the answers are shuffled as well to ensure cheating is prevented.

SkillRobo – The Most Reliable Pre Employment Assessment Tool with Cheating Prevention

SkillRobo takes the most trusted cheating prevention methods and tweaks them in a way that it ensures you are able to select the right candidates who possess the desired skills.

You can also create multiple tests to find people who are really skilled and it is next to impossible to keep cheating when it is a multi-level test. Randomizing tests is another way to prevent cheating and when everything is combined, you get the most complete testing tool with SkillRobo.

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