Finance and Accounts

Roles Covered in Skill Assessments

Finance and accounting personnel perform diverse duties like verifying and tallying accounts, preparing finance budgets, controlling and managing financial transactions, etc.

accounting and finance team

Finance and Accounts

About the Pre-Employment Accounting Test

Finance and accounting professionals are the backbone of business operations. Managing finance transactions, and controlling and managing the financial health of the organization are the main duties of finance and accounting professionals. To perform well in these roles, finance professionals need to possess top-notch math and analytical skills, communication skills, quantitative aptitude, and logical thinking abilities. The accounts and finance skills assessment test from SkillRobo covers all the important skill evaluations in addition to job-related skills for the role.

The Online Accounts and Finance Assessment Test from SkillRobo Evaluates Candidates in the Following Areas:

1. Communication skills

Verbal and written skills assessment test

2. Quantitative aptitude

Must have skills for finance and accounts personnel

3. Logical thinking skills

analysis of financial data requires logical thinking skills

4. Attention to detail

error-free handling of finance data requires attention to detail skills

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