five rules to choose the best assessment tool

The best assessment tool in place can go a long way in making your candidate assessment easier and simplified besides making it highly efficient.

The purpose of using assessments is to check a candidate’s capability, technical skills, aptitude, attitude, and their ability to perform their best in the specific job role.

What are the Key Attributes to Look for in Assessment Software?

When properly implemented, the best candidate assessment software should take care of the points below in a streamlined, seamless manner.

  1. Provide a list of tests to choose from
  2. Easy to use and intuitive
  3. Require no technical assistant
  4. Reliable and generate automatic reports
  5. Easily integrate with third-party tools
  6. No learning curve
  7. Customizable and cloud-based

We can go in-depth into each of these points but our primary focus is to make recruitment easier and to understand the things you should focus on when assessing a candidate.

1. Start with the type of tests

When choosing assessment software, have a clear idea of the different types of tests available and shortlist the most important ones. If you choose a Technical Skill test, you may want to add other skills including cognitive ability test, communication test, and personality assessment to assess the candidate completely.

2. Ease of usability

The easiest option to have someone try a tool is to have it intuitive and ready to be used out of the box. With a series of tests required for the IT industry as well as the ability to add or request custom tests to be added for a range of professional positions, the software should be the perfect companion to start testing candidates immediately.

3. In-depth solutions that help in decision making

Some of these features would go a long way in making your recruitment process easier.

  • Access to the website 24/7
  • In-depth reports to analyze how the candidate answered
  • Variety of tests
  • Automated grading process
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Reliable customer support

4. Important features to improve efficiency

The assessment tool should focus on,

  • Cheating prevention
  • Testing solutions that are done within a specific timeline
  • Easy integration with third-party APIs and tools
  • Easy to share with anyone to cover a large number of candidates at once

5. Contribute to brand engagement

The candidate assessment tool that you share is responsible for creating brand awareness and a positive outlook. The professionalism found in the software program will go a long way in attracting potential candidates to join your organization.

SkillRobo is a professional pre-employment skill assessment tool that you can depend on with all the features including a range of tests designed for SMBs, custom test requests, detailed reports, and 24 x 7 customer support. This makes it the complete assessment tool you ever need to build your team of talented employees by picking the right candidates.