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The Primitive Method of Hiring Candidates

In the decades past, hiring a candidate was primarily done through recommendations and people within a known circle. The type of jobs an average person did varied drastically because it was mostly mechanical. Computers came into mainstream about thirty years ago.

Hiring candidates were done through a conventional interview process where an advertisement was placed on newspapers and magazines. A group of candidates was manually assessed through test papers after which a human resources officer or a hiring manager would ask them questions to assess their skills. While they could have been right in most cases, times have changed now.

What has Changed

A candidate assessment tool which is capable of handling digital requests has become a necessity in the recent years. A lot of things have changed and there are multiple new technologies being introduced almost on a monthly basis.

Future employees are expected to learn new things, understand state-of-the-art technologies and be capable of handling code, design, and management with newer tools. It demands the requirement of new assessment tools with integrated features designed to make the hiring process easy for companies of all types and sizes.

Adoption of New Age Candidate Assessment Tool

The basic process that a lot of employers have been using in recent times is,
  1. Creating recruitment ads in job portals
  2. Collating the applications from potential employees
  3. Using a pre-screening test which is manually sent to candidates via email
  4. Evaluation of the test manually and using excel sheets to keep track
  5. Verifying candidates skills by creating more complex, topic-oriented tests
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