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Recruiting new talent is one of the most effective ways of gaining a competitive edge. Hiring highly skilled candidates with niche skills equips the business to execute projects much more efficiently and optimally. The face of recruitment has undergone several transformations thanks to technological and social evolutions. Not too long ago, recruitment was done based on newspaper advertisements, recommendations, and references within known circles.

The Internet has expanded the scope of recruitment beyond geographical boundaries. The manner in which recruitment is conducted has also changed significantly over the years. Archaic recruitment methods included hand-written assessments, several rounds of interviews, offer roll-out, and employee onboarding. New age recruitment methods like candidate assessment tools, automated onboarding, and background verification tools improve the efficacy of the recruitment workflow.

Current Recruitment Scenario

Smart work and not hard work – this is the mantra for modern recruitment processes. Several recruitment tools are available to streamline and simplify the hiring process. Hiring teams need to sift through thousands of candidate profiles before they shortlist those that fit the role. Conducting a written assessment for each of the candidates can be a cumbersome process. This is where candidate screening tools come handy. Usage of candidate assessment software has become imperative for recruiters looking to optimize their hiring efforts.

With technological innovations happening every second, recruitment tools are constantly upgraded. A recruitment assessment tool can evaluate the technical, interpersonal, aptitude, and behavioral aspects of the candidate. The test analysis is presented as a comprehensive report almost instantly after the completion of the test. A pre-employment assessment tool like SkillRobo empowers the hiring team to evaluate several profiles within a fraction of the time taken by manual processes. Most assessment tools also provide the option of conducting online tests that can be taken up from any geographical location.

Why adopt recruitment screening tools?

Typical hiring steps are:

  • Posting advertisements in job portals for open positions
  • Shortlisting profiles from the applications received
  • Assigning a pre-employment screening test to candidates through email
  • Evaluating the performance and jotting down the test results
  • Taking candidate evaluation to higher levels through topic-specific, complex tests

Quite a handful isn’t it? What if all the above steps were automatically carried out? Online candidate assessment tools to the rescue! Adopting online candidate skills assessment tools simplifies the steps to finding the right fit for your organization.

Modern candidate evaluation tools streamline the hiring process by:

  • Creating online job advertisements that can be posted and reused easily
  • Storing applicant profiles and resumes on the cloud for future reference
  • Choosing and assigning pre-screening tests based on the job description
  • Evaluating the test and reporting the results automatically
  • Verifying several profiles and assigning tests automatically.

Choosing the right candidate assessment tool

Just as choosing the right candidate is important for the success of the organization, so is choosing the right candidate assessment tool important for successful hiring.

Here are a few must have features of a pre-employment assessment tool:

Ease of use:
the primary aim of adopting automated candidate assessment tools is to simplify the hiring process. The candidate assessment tools therefore, need to be easy to use and understand. The reports generated from the test results must be easy to decipher.

Engaging and interactive:
the test must be designed to hold the attention of the candidate till the completion of the test. The content must be engaging and interactive.

Wide variety of skill tests:
the assessment tool must provide a wide array of technical, personality, and aptitude tests. The technical test questions must be relevant to the position for which the skills are being evaluated.

Fraud detection mechanisms:
online assessment tests are taken up at different locations. The test software must be capable of checking for malpractices and frauds.

Analytics and results:
the software must perform an in-depth analysis of every test and report the results instantly.

Customizable tests:
the tests must be easily customizable to suit the business requirements.

SkillRobo – a must have candidate assessment tool for every organization

SkillRobo is a powerful online pre-employment assessment tool that helps the hiring team screen, test, and hire effortlessly for open job positions. The software provides a wide range of tests that have been categorized for easy access. We are constantly updating our skill tests to evaluate emerging technology skills. Ready to explore SkillRobo? Sign up for the free trial today.


What types of administrative skill tests are available in SkillRobo?2021-10-26T08:16:31+00:00

SkillRobo provides role-based pre-employment skill assessment tests like office manager skill assessment test, administration officer skills assessment tests, and administrative assistant skills test.

What are administrative skill tests?2021-10-26T08:16:06+00:00

Office administrative skill tests are pre-employment evaluation tests that test the key skills required for office administrator roles.

What types of customer service roles can be evaluated in SkillRobo?2021-10-26T07:33:25+00:00

The customer service assessment tool can be used to evaluate candidates for various roles and skill level across industries. Roles like call center agent, customer service supervisor, customer support engineer, customer success manager, customer support representative, etc can be evaluated.

What types of tests are available for customer service personnel?2021-10-26T07:33:00+00:00

The customer service call center assessment test from SkillRobo enables the hiring team to evaluate candidates based on their role and skill level. Apart from job-related skills, there are tests to evaluate personality traits, cognitive ability, logical and analytical reasoning, problem solving skills, etc.

What types of non-technical tests are provided in SkillRobo?2021-10-26T05:56:14+00:00

SkillRobo provides a variety of non-technical tests like psychometry tests, cognitive ability tests, logical and analytical reasoning tests, communication skill test, and problem solving skill tests.

What kind of roles in research and development are evaluated in assessment tests?2021-10-26T05:54:03+00:00

SkillRobo is a pre-employment skill assessment testing software that helps evaluate various roles and skill levels across industries. The research and development skill test can be used to assess skill levels of R&D manager, design consultant, design engineer, R&D engineer, etc.

How effective are quality assessment skill tests?2021-10-26T05:44:59+00:00

Quality assurance skills assessment tests are useful hiring tools that enable recruiters to screen several candidate profiles effectively. These tests ensure holistic evaluation of job-related and personality traits that are needed to excel in the role for which they are being hired.

What are quality assessment tests?2021-10-26T05:44:36+00:00

Pre-employment quality skill assessment tests are skill-based and personality-based evaluation of potential hires. These tests can be used by the hiring team for comprehensive evaluation of candidates for various roles in quality assessments.

Can the test be taken online?2021-10-26T05:40:25+00:00

SkillRobo equips the hiring team with online software development assessments that can be shared with the candidate via an email link. The test can also be administered to candidates who come for an in-person interview.

What are skill assessments for software developers?2021-10-26T05:40:01+00:00

Pre-employment skill assessments for software developers are tests that evaluate job-related and behavioral skills of candidates. The pre-employment skill assessments from SkillRobo enable the hiring team to screen the right candidate for the role.

What type of assessments are available in SkillRobo?2021-10-25T14:16:57+00:00

SkillRobo provides role and skill based assessments for pre-employment accounting and finance tests for various roles in the Finance and Accounting department. Accounting skills assessment test, finance skills assessment test, cognitive ability test, logical and analytical reasoning ability test, etc. are some type of assessments available in SkillRobo.

What is the accounts and finance skills assessment test?2021-10-25T11:29:24+00:00

The online accounts and finance skills assessment test from SkillRobo helps evaluate the accounting and finance capabilities and the behavioral traits of potential hires for various roles in the accounting and finance department.

What types of tests are required for production roles?2021-10-25T11:23:02+00:00

SkillRobo provides role-based skill assessments on the production and manufacturing floors. Manufacturing assessment skill test, production assistant skill assessment tests, production manager skill assessment test, and quality inspector skill assessment tests.

What skills are tested in production assessment skill tests?2021-10-25T11:21:32+00:00

Job related skills like mechanical and manufacturing knowledge, physical dexterity while handling manufacturing equipment, problem solving abilities, personality traits, and cognitive ability are tested in production assessment skill tests.

What kind of roles can be evaluated by the skill assessment test?2021-10-25T11:16:04+00:00

SkillRobo provides a variety of skill and role-based tests that can be used to evaluate candidates for diverse positions across industries. From procurement manager assessment test to procurement analyst assessment test to purchasing clerk – prospective candidates for various roles in procurement can take up the evaluation.

Who can take the procurement skill assessment test?2021-10-25T11:15:39+00:00

The online procurement skills assessment test from SkillRobo has been designed to evaluate role-based skills of procurement personnel. The hiring team shares the link to prospective candidates via email. Candidates with the link to the procurement skills assessment test can take up the test.

What are the types of sales and marketing skills assessment tests available?2021-10-25T10:57:27+00:00

Sales skills assessment tests and marketing assessment tests vary according to the role and type of skill for which candidates are being hired. Content marketing manager skills assessment, digital marketing skills test, and sales and marketing manager skills assessment, and sales representative skills assessment tests are some types of sales and marketing skill assessment testing.

What are sales and marketing assessment tests?2021-10-25T10:56:35+00:00

Sales and marketing assessments are pre-employment tests that evaluate the key skills of sales and marketing personnel. Digital marketing skills assessment test are designed to test job-related skills, personality traits, and communication skills of candidates.

Where is the HR and management assessment test available?2021-10-25T10:07:23+00:00

The HR team can send the HR and Management assessment tests via email to the candidates. The test can be taken online by the candidate.

What is a HR online assessment test?2021-10-25T10:04:18+00:00

The HR and management skills assessment from SkillRobo enable the hiring team to evaluate several HR and management profiles efficiently. Role-based HR and management skill tests enable holistic candidate evaluation.

What are the advantages of an online hiring assessment test?2021-09-30T07:14:45+00:00

Online hiring assessment test streamlines the recruitment process and makes it more efficient. Some notable advantages of online pre-employment assessment tests are: instant reports and analytics, saves recruitment time and resources, improves quality of hiring, helps build talent pool, and holistic and objective evaluation of candidate skills.

How do online assessment tools for recruitment help to find Perfect candidate?2021-09-30T07:14:20+00:00

Online pre-employment assessment tests help HR identify candidates with the adequate skills and personality traits that align with the organization culture. Employment skills tests evaluate essential skills like cognitive ability, logical and analytical reasoning, technical skills, behavioral traits, and communication skills, to find the perfect candidate for their organization.

What is an online Pre Employment Assessment test?2021-09-30T07:14:16+00:00

Online pre-employment assessment test is a standardized and objective way of assessing a candidate’s skills as part of the hiring process. Online assessment software helps verify the skills, capabilities, and personality traits of prospective employees. Employment skills tests help gather relevant and reliable information on candidates faster and more efficiently.

SkillRobo – A Powerful Candidate Assessment Tool for Every Organization

SkillRobo is a candidate assessment tool which ticks all the right boxes and has been designed to simplify the recruitment process. The range of technical tests available on the platform has been categorized for easy access and new ones are being regularly added.

With a dedicated team in the background, SkillRobo receives the support companies need to be ahead of the technology curve. With a great selection of tests, new updates, online testing support, and easy report generation, it is one candidate assessment tool that every organization needs to simplify its talent hunting process.

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