The cost of hiring a bad hire can go up to 5 times the annual salary of the hire. Hiring the wrong person also leads to additional cost and effort in re-hiring the right candidate. Some of the common reasons for bad hiring are:

  • A rushed hiring process
  • Inadequate research on candidate skills and improper validation of their accomplishments
  • Improper candidate assessment tools

Hiring decisions must be backed with data analytics rather than cognitive biases that often result in wrong hiring decisions. Conventional hiring processes provide a unidirectional and biased approach to candidate evaluation, which leads to snowballing into organization-wide challenges and inefficiencies. Candidate assessment software is a one-stop hiring solution for comprehensive evaluation for right hiring decisions.

What are candidate talent assessment tools?

Candidate resumes or personal interviews do not reveal the complete story about the candidate’s skills and suitability for the role. Complete assessment of the candidate’s job related skills, personality/behavioral traits, and ability to fit into the company’s culture is required before the hiring decision is made. Talent assessment tools help recruiters identify candidates with high mental aptitude, innovative thinking abilities, and good behavioral traits.

Irrespective of the size or type of organization, candidate assessment software helps find the right-fit candidates for a variety of roles and skills. Online candidate assessment tools enable fair, prompt, result-driven, and cost-effective hiring. These assessments can be used for a variety of roles, from C-suite and entry-level roles to managerial roles. Cognitive ability, logical and analytical reasoning, job-related capabilities, working style, and internal aptitudes are some of the evaluations that are included in talent assessment tools. Such holistic evaluation of candidates maximizes the chances of perfection in skill matching. Psychometric tests, cognitive tests, communication tests, and technical skill tests are some of the assessments included in skill assessment tests.

Importance of Candidate Assessment Tools

The aim of talent acquisition is to carry out pre-employment screening efficiently and effectively. These tools enable the hiring team to find candidates that align perfectly with the company’s culture for a mutually beneficial proposition. There are several reasons why candidate assessment tools are important for the organization:

Screens out the misfits and narrows down the talent pool:

Enables informed decision making: candidate assessment software helps screen out the misfits and narrow down the talent pool to candidates that are the right fit for the job. Skill assessment software helps the hiring team get a holistic view of candidate’s job competencies and behavioral traits, not just the information on the resume. This helps narrow down the talent pool and saves a significant amount of screening time.

Identifies the right job and culture fit: Candidate skill assessments enable the recruitment team to make objective and standardized hiring decisions.

Helps understand candidate behavior: Talent assessment tools are a great way to analyze the underlying behavioral traits of candidates. Gathering personality related data helps in making the right onboarding decisions.

Helps build high performance teams: Recruitment decisions that are based on data provide deeper insights into candidate’s skills, characteristics, and abilities, which helps build highly competent and skilled teams.

Advantage of Candidate Assessment Tools

The obvious advantage of using candidate assessment tools is significant time and effort saving for the recruitment team. Here are some of the advantages of using online candidate assessment software:

1) Provides instant evaluation results: Online candidate assessment tools provide instant results of the evaluation, which helps in making timely, data-driven hiring decisions. Skill assessment tools enable holistic and instantaneous assessment of candidate skills with evidence backed data so that the hiring team can dive into their decisions head-first.

2) Saves resources and time: The right candidate assessment tools help reduce the time to hire by eliminating arduous screening processes and minimizing the strain on recruitment personnel. Effective and efficient evaluation at scale enables a company to drastically cut down on the costs and time associated with screening candidates.

3) Improves quality and fit of hire: Hiring top talent for a particular role in terms of skills and capabilities and alignment with the company’s work culture is the aim of recruitment. Skill assessment tests offer an accurate overview of the candidate’s performance and potential, which improves the quality of hiring.

4) Building a strong talent pool: Usage of candidate assessment tools provides insights into the micro and macro strength, untapped potential, and vulnerability of the candidate. These tests throw light on where a candidate falls in terms of service and experience level and training required to succeed in the role. These insights help design training modules for high quality workforce development.

5) Improves brand image: Objective and quicker screening of candidates increases the likelihood of establishing stronger, long-term connections with candidates and peers. Candidate assessment tools enable a smooth hiring process, which in turn improves brand image among potential hires.

Features of Candidate Assessment Tools

A talented and skilled workforce is the recipe for success of any organization. A good candidate skill assessment tool must help understand the candidate as a dynamic and complex person and look beyond just skills or experience. Some of the must have features of candidate assessment software are:

  • Should help recruiters obtain accurate, evidence based information on applicants
  • Should make the hiring process more productive by focusing on candidates with requisite skills and temperaments
  • Should be easy to administer via links sent through email
  • Should enable faster and efficient hiring at scale
  • Should measure and evaluate the expanse of candidate’s knowledge


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