The primary objective of a company is to deliver quality products/services as per the consumer’s requirements/expectations. How does a company ensure that its products or services gain market recognition and are as per customer expectations? The sales and marketing team is responsible for ensuring that customers are aware of the company’s product/service offerings and that their offerings are as per the latest consumer trends. Good marketing skills expand the reach of a company’s products or services to a wider, diverse audience. Hiring skilled and competent marketing personnel is primal for the success of marketing endeavors. Pre-employment marketing assessment tests for recruiting marketing personnel ensure that the best talent is hired.

Importance of the Marketing Function

Spreading awareness of the product or service offerings of the business is the primary work of the marketing function. Doing market research to ensure that the product/service offerings remain relevant to the dynamic market requirements and customer expectations is also part of the marketing function. Marketing is an essential part of every business however big or small the business may be. Here is why marketing is an essential business function.

1. Sells products and services: Marketing helps generate income for the business by informing potential customers about the products and influencing their thought process by highlighting product features. The marketing plan is backed by research on who the audience is, their lifestyle and average income, their expectations from the product, and the best channels to reach them.

2. Gain a competitive edge: marketing can give you a competitive edge by sensing the pulse of the audience and crafting meaningful branding and messaging in the industry. Marketing endeavors when backed with proper research, budget, and testing, enable businesses to handle competition effectively.

3. Expansion of business: Businesses expand by opening new franchises or branches or by introducing new products/services, or by expanding the office space. Irrespective of how the business is expanded, strategic marketing is required to support business growth. Marketing campaigns or teasers can create hype and generate interest among existing and prospective customers.

The marketing function plays a key role in promoting the products/services of a business and also in business expansion.

Roles of the Marketing Function

The marketing function plays a key role in promoting the sale of products and services of a business. Here is a list of the various roles that the marketing function plays in business development and growth.

1. Defining and managing the brand: The main aim of marketing is to define the brand value of the firm effectively. Building and managing the brand image by understanding the surrounding business environment, tastes and preferences of prospective clients, and other strategies that promote products/services in the market are part of the marketing function’s responsibilities.

2. Producing marketing and promotional material: Preparing advertising and other promotional material as per the marketing and branding strategy is an important marketing function.

3. Digital marketing and optimization: The marketing function needs to frame effective digital marketing strategies to promote the brand online. The digital marketing strategy also needs to be optimized to stay relevant to the latest market trends.

4. Managing and monitoring social media: The marketing team needs to constantly monitor and manage social media marketing campaigns.

5. Establishing clear internal communication: The marketing strategy and activities must be communicated to all the employees of the organization.

Skills Required for Marketing Roles

Marketing is a thriving industry that keeps evolving with dynamic market conditions, technological innovations, and changing customer expectations. To be a successful marketer, you need to have a myriad of job-related skills and appropriate personality traits. Here are some of the must-have skills to be a successful marketer.

  • Customer knowledge: Understanding customer expectations, needs, and pains is very important for a marketeer.
  • Product knowledge: Thorough knowledge of the product/service is a must for a successful marketeer.
  • Storytelling: As per the latest report by LinkedIn on The Rise of Storytelling in Content Marketing, storytelling is a key part of a marketer’s profile. Marketers must use data and numbers to build an interesting story about the brand that customers can relate to.
  • Creativity: As customer expectations evolve, marketers need to come up with creative and innovative ways to promote the brand.
  • Digital marketing skills: Strengthening the digital presence of the business requires ace digital marketing skills.
  • Analytical and research skills: Comprehensive market research and analysis forms the basis for a strong marketing strategy.
  • Communication skills: Marketeers need to have clear verbal and written communication skills.

Marketing Skills Assessment

Marketing skill assessments must cover the entire job-related and personality trait spectrum of skills expected from a marketeer. The marketing assessment test should evaluate digital marketing skills, content marketing skills, communication skills, analytical and logical reasoning ability, and other job-related skills.

Pre-employment skill assessments ensure a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s skills. SkillRobo is a fully-customizable pre-employment skill assessment solution that can be used for various roles across industries. The marketing assessment test from SkillRobo covers the digital marketing skills assessment test and content marketing manager skills assessment. It also evaluates various aspects of the candidate’s personality like cognitive thinking, logical and analytical reasoning, communication skills, etc. The candidates can take up the test in a secure browser environment. Fraud and cheating prevention features are provided in every test that the candidate takes up on SkillRobo.

Comprehensive marketing skills testing ensures that the candidate fits the role perfectly. Recruiting the perfect fit for the role also ensures that the candidates start contributing to the company’s growth from day one of onboarding. Candidates that are hired through marketing assessment tests will be a good fit for the work environment.


Hiring marketing professionals requires careful evaluation of the hard and soft skills of candidates. Conventional evaluation methods fail to evaluate all the skills required to be a successful marketer. Online marketing assessment tests from SkillRobo ensure holistic evaluation of job-related skills and essential personality traits of candidates. SkillRobo provides fully customizable digital marketing skills tests and content marketing skill assessment tests as per the role of the candidate. Candidates can take up the test through online links shared via email.

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