The Human Resources department is often bombarded with requests from all directions. Every time an organization acquires a new project, has a staffing requirement or expands into a new division, the next logical step is to hire the best candidates to work for them.

At first look, it might seem like there are hundreds of candidates looking for a job and recruitment should be an easy process, right? Wrong!

Your job role, project or requirement requires a person with expertise in a particular skill set. So a software developer or a Mobile App developer is expected to be technically strong in certain core technologies while a Scrum Master or a Business Analyst is expected to the able to understand complex business requirements and have excellent communication skills.

So how do you start defining your requirement and identifying the right assessment tools for recruitment?

  • Jot down your plans and know what kind of requirements frequently pop up
  • Understand how candidates approach job recruitment
  • Create a questionnaire that can be used to shortlist candidates
  • Fix pain points and identify different ways they could be handled
  • Recruitment is teamwork which is why you should take inputs from respective teams on what they actually need

1. A Recruitment Tool that is Easy to Use

The most basic thing that you should look for is a recruitment and assessment tool that should be really easy to use. In other words, anyone in the team should be able to immediately get it started whenever there are candidates ready to take tests.

The tests can either be conducted in person or a link can be e-mailed to the candidates so that they can take it from the comfort of their home.

2. Wide Range of Tests Available

The most common and effective testing methods include conducting tests for

  • Cognitive ability
  • Aptitude
  • Technical Skills
  • Knowledge of tools
  • Communication ability
  • Personality Assessment

A good testing software should support a wide range of tests and should also allow you to create new ones based on their requirements. Check for different testing methods supported so that you have a wide variety of options. For the IT industry, you can quickly identify the most popular software applications and create a questions database which can be used in addition to the default library provided by the vendor.

3. Assured Privacy and Security to Monitor Tests

Competition is rife in the IT industry and every other industry for that matter. The testing software that you use should provide the utmost privacy so that you don’t have to worry about your candidate assessment methods getting leaked to your competitors.

By imposing the highest level of privacy and security using encrypted transactions, you can easily share the tests virtually with candidates. It speeds up the shortlisting and recruitment process without compromising on security and privacy.

4. Detailed Report Generation

The assessment tools for recruitment and selection that you choose should embrace automation. While the ability to assess a large number of candidates is the primary purpose of using such a software, it should also help you see the results immediately and view reports at a glance and download detailed reports when required.

An additional feature to look for should be the ability to shortlist candidates based on the ratings they have received. It makes it easier to push those selected ones to the second or further levels in an interview process while retaining others for further evaluation.

5. Dependable, Result-Oriented and Customizable Solution

The assessment tool should be result-oriented to simplify the recruitment while being reliable because a candidate once shortlisted should be provided a job. Being a customizable software makes it easier to add newer tests, modify questions or request the developer to help come up with some additional features to make the most out of the tool.

SkillRobo – Simplifying the Assessment and Recruitment Process

SkillRobo is easily the most intuitive online assessment tool for recruitment and selection designed by an enthusiastic team of developers and subject matter experts. With the power of SkillRobo, the SMEs can create questions and test candidates on different technical skills which simplifies the assessment process like no other solution.

It saves a lot of time, improves the hit ratio of hiring the best candidates for your job roles and when SkillRobo is used in the recruitment process, you don’t have to do things manually. The HR team can optimally handle all kinds of recruitment requests and ensure only the best candidates come onboard.